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Full Service Real Estate Brokerage as a “Seller’s Agent” offering Real Estate for sale using the Auction Method of selling:

We exist to assist sellers in realizing the maximum sales price, at a date certain, at a reasonable cost. As an Auctioneer/Broker, we are seller’s agents. Our passion is showing how the Auction Method of selling is superior in many ways to traditional Real Estate Brokerage. My favorite saying is “A traditional Real Estate Broker sets a price and comes down, while an Auctioneer sets a price and goes up.” Here is what we offer that traditional brokerage firms do not.

Real Estate Auctions work because we give the buyers what they WANT (a bargain) and the sellers what they NEED (time & terms)


You Set the Sale Date

Rather than plant a sign and hope, set the date your property WILL SELL.  Contract to closing table in 10-weeks!


"Time Is Money"

Save months/years of expensive "carrying costs". Today's money is worth more than next year's money. Sell NOW.

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Seller Friendly Contract

All "due diligence" completed BEFORE the Auction. "As-IS" sale. NO contingencies for Financing/Inspection. LARGE non-refundable cash deposit. Buyer pays closing costs/commissions.


Set Minimum Price

We will advise and work with you to determine a reserve price that will ensure a successful Auction. It is both art and science.


We Market for You

We create a marketing plan specifically designed for your property and your sale. We tailor advertising venues and costs to match the budget and anticipated results of the sale. We've been doing this for nearly 40-years.


A "Buying Frenzy"

Only at Auction do you allow potential buyer's to compete in open, transparent competition to determine "Market Value". We will exceed the price of the person who likes the property second best - and approach the price of the one who likes it best.

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You Are an Active Partner

While we are marketing experts, we value the input of the person who knows the property best. We will strive to include your marketing ideas within our agreed budget, and welcome your ideas


One Stop Service

We are Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. We sell both real and personal property at Auction, and can take you from contract through closing while handling all aspects of marketing and brokerage.


"Estate" Liquidation

A total estate liquidation may include furnishings, farm machinery, collectibles and "pots & pans" in addition to the Real Estate.  We are able to handle all aspects of that process saving the fiduciary time and money.  Call us to see how.

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Business Liquidations

While we concentrate on Real Estate, we do have years of experience handling Business Liquidations.  We can evaluate those situations with or without a Real Estate component.


Buyers Agency

We KNOW Auctions, and can help buyers who may be unaccustomed to buying at Auction successfully navigate the landscape unique to Auctions.  Whether you are interested in Foreclosure Sales, Government Auctions or private sales, we can help you with winning strategies.


"Experience Sells"

With nearly 40 years of government and private sector experience in conducting Auctions, Instructing Real Estate Agents and researching Real Estate Law, Mike Harper is the "go-to guy" for Auction advice in the Southeast. He has sold everything from million-dollar homes to Dwight Eisenhower's desk. Discover why "Experience Sells".


What makes us different from most Auction firms