Dear Mike,

Just a word of appreciation for the great job you and your staff did for me in the sale by auction of my home yesterday at 553 Neptune Dr., Cape Carteret, NC

The auction brought in more revenue than I had anticipated and I am well pleased with the outcome of the sale.

I also want to thank you for the way you guided me through the auction process: for your early advice of consultation with legal and financial aides to look over the original contract, through your thorough explanation of the contract and the intricacies of advertisement on such a massive scale, to the final wrap-up yesterday. Your experience in the field made the job go smoothly from start to finish and, for me, without undue anxiety.

Thank you for your hard work on my behalf and for the consistently efficient and pleasant way you handled every detail.

It was a pleasure to work with you and Beverly for the second time.


Joyce B. Cape Carteret, NC     


I was skeptical at first about selling at Auction, but a friend whom Mike had helped in North Carolina told me about his method, and his work ethic.  I could not be more pleased with the result.  His team met and exceeded my goals.

Wendell M. Kiawah Island SC


Mike provided a comprehensive service and demonstrated both great expertise and diligence in marketing our property. Because I do not live in the Charleston Area, I needed an agent who would manage the entire sale and auction process. He did just that, with frequent, professional and friendly communication throughout the process. Mike’s efforts exceeded my expectation in terms of both service and outcome. His work culminated in a very successful auction in a difficult market.  I recommend Mike very highly and without hesitation, to anyone seeking to auction a property in the Carolinas or Georgia.

Paul K., Dewees Island SC



Of course you can use me as a reference. You and your company did a great job of
being on this project immediately, doing the behind-the-scenes legwork for me,
putting me in contact with the authorities that needed attention, and of course,
in marketing and selling the properties. A good result for all!


As a trustee in Iowa, I had 2 vacant properties to sell in North Carolina (Fayetteville). I screened 3 potential auctioneers and chose Mike Harper of Harper Auction & Realty

Even before I got him employed, Mike made 2 trips to Fayetteville, secured the vacant house, visited with the taxing and local housing authorities (the house had housing dept placard)…

Mike was great to work with, he did an enormous amount of advertising, including LARGE placards on-site, personal visits to neighbors, along with print and mailed advertising, all at very reasonable rates.

Mike is an NABT member.  I highly recommend his company for your auction needs in North or South Carolina.

Renee K. Hanrahan, Banrruptcy Trustee, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Hi Mike,

It has been a quite a while, but I am still grateful every single day for your
very successful sale of my Figure Eight properties two years ago…. I have a
good childhood friend in Atlanta who has a vacation lot and several other
pieces of property in Highlands, NC. She e-mailed me yesterday to say that they
wanted your information. I sent her the link to you website….

Laura H., Figure Eight Island NC


I thank you most sincerely for setting up the sale for what seemed to some like an unsellable piece of property. From the very beginning you were very positive and gave me confidence you would follow through, and you most certainly did that. I had no idea going into this project how much work was involved.  Your company did a tremendous job of pulling it all together to make the auction go smoothly.   You and the team are efficient, knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. I am happy with the results of the sale and would be glad to recommend you to other customers anytime.  Many thanks.

Joyce B. Cape Carteret, NC


We used Mike Harper for the auction of our home in May, 2010.  He was our choice of two possible auctioneers.  His plan was clear and concise, and any and all of our questions were answered.  It was clear from the very beginning that he was working for us.  An auction is a scary process.  Mike didn’t sugarcoat anything, and gave us all possible outcomes.  To say he went above and beyond would be an understatement.  He took care of our yard as well as our swimming pool (spending over 6 hours once, watching it slowly drain).  All monies were accounted for, and all advertising was shown.  He is very professional and at the same time very personable.  We just like him from the very beginning.

If we ever decided to go the auction route, he would be the auctioneer we would choose, and would certainly offer our highest recommendations to anyone interested in the process.

Patty H. Shadowmoss Plantation, Charleston, SC


Thanks Mike , I will sign and return tomorrow evening. You are a credit to our industry.  It is a true pleasure doing business with you!
Thxs Scot

Scot Jeffers, Columbia SC


Jerry, I can certainly help you put your client in touch with Mike Harper. We had a terrific experience working with Mike. We may be working with him again to auction the Regent building in Burlington. We are not very fond of realtors but I’ll be the first to say that Mike works as hard as we do and he is very skilled at what he does. I’d give him our highest recommendation.


George T (R Investments Co.) Chapel Hill, NC


I just wanted to thank you for your efforts to market my town house in what we agree is a rather problematical market. You presented an innovative auction marketing plan in an effort to gage market acceptance and temperature before having me incur a lot of expense. You aggressively marketed the property during a pre-auction offer period and gathered data that was useful in making a decision about going forward with further auction marketing. To your credit, you did not attempt to sell me on an auction at this time, when you were not sure if the market would be fully receptive, instead, releasing me from my contract to allow me to wait the market out. I appreciated your honesty and candor in evaluating the situation and helping me evaluate my options. I appreciate that your commitment to your client outweighs any desire for immediate gains on your part. Indeed, we may still do business in the future. I would recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation. You were diligent in your follow-up and your follow through. Thanks.

Bill S., Daniel Island SC


1. To accommodate her downsizing Mike Harper auctioned my mother’s three bedroom Mt. Pleasant home including major household items. The time period approximated 90 days as the home did not immediately sell.

2. Performance: Excellent (interacted well with grown siblings charged with selling house and many life long belongs)

3. I would use their services again.

4. Mike Harper and [his staff] worked beyond expectations to sell my mother’s home in the beginning of a poor real estate market. These are patient people.

Pete S., Charleston, SC


As the Estate Attorney for the M H Estate, I would like to thank you for going the extra mile to see that the two houses in Downtown Charleston were sold in a timely manner. We turned to you after traditional real estate marketing proved unable to get the properties sold in time to avoid foreclosure. Your auction marketing was effective in producing interested bidders for the two houses at a fair price in a minimum of time. We were all glad to get these problematical properties sold in an equally problematical real estate market. The Absolute Auction method allowed us to be certain that the property would sell on a date certain, and the competition that it created found the market price for the estate in a very uncertain real estate market environment. Before the sale you coordinated with the loss mitigation company handling the foreclosure to make sure that the foreclosure process was delayed pending the outcome of the auction. After the auction was over, you worked diligently to make sure that the closing was handled efficiently, and that our interests were protected. I particularly liked that all closing costs were pushed to the buyer, saving the estate hundreds of dollars at closing. I am happy with the outcome, and we would recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation. Thanks.

T.H. Attorney for the Estate Charleston, SC


Upon completing the closing of our new home, I would like to thank you and your staff for your efforts to see that we were able to have access to the house and perform all and our lender to accommodate our pre-closing needs. Thanks.

John & Marie G., N. Charleston SC


Mike, This week has been so hectic that I haven’t really had a chance to touch base. Thanks so much for handling our auctions in such a professional manner. As I mentioned, we are pleased with the total amount although we were a little surprised at the sales prices of the individual lots.

Gordon G. Figure Eight Island NC


Thank you for your help. I appreciate your integrity and consistency. Best wishes,

Merlin W., Sneads Ferry, NC