We are all REALTORS here…

I just happen to market and sell in a non-traditional way – at Auction! I am also an Auctioneer, and I am able to offer you a number of exciting ways to help your clients and your own business by utilizing the Auction marketing and selling model in situations where it is to your benefit.

Auctions create a buying frenzy by bringing matters to a head on a specific date at a specific time. Potential buyers who are tire kickers, and fence setters, must decide to take action on a specific date, or be left in the dust. In a slowing market, matters need to be accelerated and expedited by making the market happen, rather than waiting. A site specific intensive 30-day marketing program assures that the interested buyers will be in the mix. And, it only takes two interested buyers to make an auction!

In a HOT market, money may be “left on the table” if a property sells in a week or less.  Multiple offers are a Broker’s “litigation nightmare” and must be handled with aplomb.  We are in the “multiple offer business”. Because everyone has the same terms, the only variable is price.  Consider an Auction next time that super hot property becomes available!

We can help market the property whose listing is about to expire while protecting you as the agent in the transaction. Bring us your client, and we will protect you in the Auction contract. Types of property that lend themselves well to the Auction process include:

  • Unique property that may be difficult to price or hard to market
  • High end property where buyers are scarce.
  • Waterfront or highly desirable property where a bidders war is likely
  • Property that needs to be sold quickly
  • Property that needs to be sold “as is”

As a seller’s agent you earn your commission (referral fee) while selling the property quickly and with a contract that WILL close, because there will be no contingencies and no financing – the bidders are pre-qualified by making a large non-refundable deposit.

As a buyer’s agent you earn a commission because we offer participation on all auctions. We usually provide a 2% commission for buyers agents. On selected auctions we offer a financial incentive for your buyer client as well in the form of a 1% discount off the Buyer’s Premium when we have pre-sale opening and maximum authorized bid agreements, but your client never has to pay more than is necessary to be the successful bidder, regardless of the maximum authorized bid. (See each sale brochure for the specific broker participation terms)