Why hire US as a Buyer’s Agent?

We KNOW AUCTIONS! We have been Auctioneers and have followed all kinds of auctions for years.  Mike is a former IRS Auctioneer and he is an expert in all government auctions, foreclosure auctions and local Tax Lien Auctions.  Mike teaches courses at the Charleston Trident Association of REALTOR’S School entitled “Buying and Selling Real Estate at Auction” and Selling Land using the Multi-Parcel Auction Method”, “Foreclosure and Tax Lien Auctions” and “1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges”.  Auction is our ONLY business!  We are investors as well as sellers of Auctioned Real Estate.  This intimate knowledge of Real Estate Auctions means that we know the correct bidding strategies to maximize results for the buyer.

We represent buyers at all kinds of auctions – but never at our own – because we NEVER practice dual agency.

What does it cost – and – How are you paid?

Most private auctioneers offer buyer’s agent co-operative commissions, so in those instances there is absolutely NO cost to you for using our services.  When dealing with foreclosures, Tax Lien Auctions, IRS Auctions and other government auctions, where no buyer’s agents fees are allowed, we will base our compensation on the amount of research you want us to do, as well as fees for consultation about bidding strategy.  We can discuss the fees and services we offer to arrive at the right mix for you.

What do you mean by bidding strategies?

There are many kinds of auctions out there.  Multi-parcel and tiered auctions can become very
confusing for the un-initiated bidder, but we have attended and participated in many auctions of this kind, which are becoming more common every day.  On-line auctions are now numerous, and these auctions too have their own special rules that we can use to the advantage of the buyer.  There are a lot of ways to make sure you buy for the least possible amount!

Call us for a complete discussion of your needs: 843-729-4996